Our Actors
Mark Bloom
Did TOS Guest Star on Grimm and will be on the first 2 episodes of next season's Silicon Valley.
Kevin McKim
Currently have a TurboTax national running.
Brenda Kate
Just signed with Michael Mogan theatrically & Elev8 Talent commercially
Ben Solenberger
Pilot I made is #1 in Popularity on Amazon! ENJOY! http://studios.amazo​n.com/series?series_​ type=comedy
Stephanie Beran
P-51 Dragon Fighter out August 18th!! An awesome WWII Sci-fi Feature I was lucky to be a lead in! Check it out!!
Some Recent Guests
Becky Silverman
Jamie Castro
Ricki Maslar
Allison Sweeney
Maureen Rose
Colin Willoughby
Andrew Vosper
Michele Esguerra
Amber Thomas
Harold Augenstein

L.A.'s Elite Award-Winning Casting Director Workshops

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The Casting Network is a bonded Talent Training Service created by professional actors for actors. As serious artists, we realize that we are the CEOs of our own company. As hundreds of our actors have discovered, Casting Director workshops are a fantastic way to advance their acting careers. Our classes enable you to perfect your audition skills and make your selves known to the casting community.


The Casting Network provides advanced-level educational classes that include semi-cold reading and prepared scenes, and monthly Multiple Guest CD and Agent Showcases for actors to learn from the top members of the Hollywood Casting Community in a face-to-face, positive and professional environment.


The Casting Network is Unique. With over 20 years of experience and a stellar reputation, The Casting Network is in a position to set a high bar in selecting our highly accomplished members. That's why we enjoy the utmost praise from top Casting Directors and Talent Representatives as well as our amazingly talented working actors (please see About Us). We are in full compliance with lawful guidelines for this industry and are registered with the State Labor Commissioner and bonded with Old Republic Surety Company bond #W150149621


Please note:

While we're thrilled that our workshops have contributed to so many members' independent success, we do not agent, manage, commission, procure or attempt to procure work for actors. In keeping with state codes, THE CASTING NETWORK conducts entirely optional workshops with solely educational intent. Our workshops are not job interviews or auditions, and the presence of an industry professional (including but not limited to: a producer, a director, or a casting director, an associate, or representative) is neither a promise or guarantee of employment or an audition. Contact with an industry professional solely through a workshop in and of itself does not result in a contract with the guest or the production company they represent. Workshops and Showcases are not auditions for employment or for obtaining a talent agent or talent manager. Labor code: 1703.1(b).


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