Our Actors
Michelle Tanenbaum
Just finished guest star on new spike tv series, and great role with anne heche on save me which aired june 13.
Lesley Ryder
Christina Ogunade
Hymnson Chan
Recurring on SyFy's new series "Minions"
Megan Wingo
Some Recent Guests
Brittani Smith
Jeremy O'Keefe
Amanda Tudesco
Cara Chute
Kimberly Foster-McCollum
Julie Berger
Michael Goldberg
Gina Gallego
Kristopher McNeeley
Tom Markley

Colin Daniel
Head Agent, Greenstein/Daniel Casting
With 7 years experience in casting, Collin previously cast "Help Me Help You"; "Frasier," "It's All Relative," "I'm With Her," "Jake in Progress," "According to Jim,"; "Will and Grace"and many pilots with Brett. Collin also casts plays and indies.
Greenstein/Daniel Casting

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