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ONE ON ONE|CD - LISA BEACH !: $55.00 | Platinum: $50.00 
Sat August 6, 9:30 AM
"I'm just a Casting Director who loves her job!" - Lisa

Lisa Beach is one of the most cheerful, bubbly CD's you will ever meet. She loves actors, seeing great acting and meeting new actors. She has cast some terrific blockbuster and award winning features and TV shows. She's such a treat, don't miss her.

She's always active, do your research on IMDB and CastingAbout.com



Format: bring a 2 minute prepared scene, we provide a reader then you receive educational feedback. If you need a scene you can access our library at http://www.castingnetworkla.com/sides.php. Your times will be emailed to you by 5pm the day before. You may send time requests to TCNTimeRequests@gmail.com

WORKSHOP|FULL CD - Karina Walters: $35.00 | Platinum: $30.00 
2 Series, a Pilot, plus Indie Features coming up
Sat August 6, 1:00 PM

Karina Walters is a proud member of the Casting Society of America (CSA) and has over 11 years of casting experience. She has been working as a full Casting Director since 2012, sometimes as a solo CD, sometimes co-casting with other CDs and for several years, as CD partner in Mockrin/Walters Casting. Prior to that, she was a Casting Associate, honing her craft with some of the top Casting Directors in the business.

Karina has worked on a wide variety of formats, including over 15 TV shows and pilots. Television series experience includes season 2 of Lifetime's critically acclaimed "UnREAL," as well as "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" (Adult Swim), "The Straight Out Report" (Logo), "Burn Notice" (USA), "The Good Guys" (Fox), "The Shield" (FX) and "The Riches" (FX), among others. Television pilot experience includes "Mad Dogs" (Amazon), "Last Resort" (ABC), "Green Bench" (Adult Swim), "Watching the Wilsons" (MTV) and "Awkward" (MTV), among others. Film experience includes independent features "Frozen Peas", "Magnum Opus", "Loaded", "Bar America","North Blvd.", "Oliver, Stoned." and "The Sand", as well as studio features "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows" (Paramount) and "The Watch" (20th Century Fox). She has also cast several award-winning short films and web series.

Additional details and a complete listing of credits can be found on her resume or on imdb.com.

Facebook: KarinaWaltersCasting

Instagram: karinawalterscasting

Twitter: KarinaWaltersCD

ON-CAMERA TV DRAMA INTENSIVE: $280.00 | Platinum: $260.00 
4 Weeks of TV Drama On-Camera Techniques to Make the Industry Notice You
Tue August 9, 7:30 PM
Working in the highly technical medium of film is the most challenging thing an actor can do. Techincal mastery of the medium is what earned Streep, Freeman, Firth, Denzel and more their Academy Awards.

Jamsion Haase will show you, how to create powerful, emotionally driven on-camera performances that cause CDs, Directors, and Producers sit up and take notice and get those A-List actors Academy Awards.

The best thing about this class? Every student is guaranteed to WORK TWICE EVERY CLASS! Turn your theatre training into skills that you can use in the film and television industry!

Jamison Haase has been teaching actors the tips and techniques required for hour-long television and dramatic features, since 2007. His simple practical on-camera and audition techniques build confidence and allow actors to be creative, in control, and powerful in the audition and on set.

New One Hour Drama
Thu August 11, 7:00 PM
Jeffrey Drew has been working at Patrick Rush Casting for 10 years. He is one of the sweetest, funniest people you will meet in the business. He loves meeting new actors and teaching them.

His new major network series has been picked up, a one hour legal drama casting in LA. Check CastingAbout.com for more details.

Check IMDB and CastingAbout.com for Jeffrey's Credits.

Format: bring a 2 minute prepared scene, we provide a reader and then you have 3 minutes to chat. Your times will be emailed to you at 5 PM that day before. Time requests welcome via email to TCNTimeRequests@gmail.com

DON'T JUST STAND THERE - FILM IT ! : $250.00 | Platinum: $230.00 
Don't Wait, Make This the Summer You Produce Your Own Content
Thu August 11, 7:30 PM
Whether you have five dollars or fifty thousand dollars, you can make a low budget project. Learn the ins and outs to independent filmmaking. Learn how to put together a project with little to no money. This workshop will teach you how to make a SAG New Media project to help get you and your friends taft hartlied into the union.

Ben Solenberger has his 4th low budget feature coming out next month On Demand, "Guys and Girls Can't be friends." Ben also produced a comedy series, "You'll Be Fine", featuring notable actors like, Robert Forster, Fred Willard, Clint Howard and was picked up by FUNNY OR DIE.

Come and ask questions you always wanted to know. Learn why it's important to just keep making stuff! Don't let this industry control you, work towards controlling it!


Where to begin? Writing (to the best of your available resources). Why are you making this? Self promotion, distribution, what?

How much to budget? (Where's your money best spent)

Filing SAG Paperwork for New Media Vs. Ultra Low? Taft Hartley, P&H Cost, continued web series one contract

How to find crew who will work for cheap or free? (Learn to edit)

Important things on your set, food, timely shoot when it's low budget. (Think about what you appreciate when you're acting)

Distribution? Making sure you have all your paperwork ready. Have releases for all locations, actors, etc.

Getting name actors to work on your productions?

Importance to keep making and not worrying about results or if it's a perfect product. You get better every time.

Associate with a terrific casting office! Loves actors.
Thu August 11, 7:30 PM
Brandon has made a great name for himself working consistently in casting for major networks, casting series and pilots. Now he's at the wonderful casting office Auifiero/Horn working on 6 feature films of various budgets. Brandon loves actors and truly understands them. He's looking forward to teaching our stellar TCN actors.

Check out his current projects on CastingAbout.com and his credits on IMDB.

Format: bring a 2 minute prepared scene, we provide a reader and then you have 3 minutes to chat. Your times will be emailed to you at 5 PM that day before. Time requests welcome via email to TCNTimeRequests@gmail.com

2 WEEK SOAP OPERA INTENSIVE | CD CHRISTY DOOLEY: $130.00 | Platinum: $120.00 
THIS IS THE ONLY FORMAT SHE DOES! See her here for less $ than anywhere else. Presale price $120 for first 10 sign-ups, then $130
Thu August 18, 7:30 PM
Christy Dooley is the Head of Casting for the number one most watched show in the world, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. She earned her BFA from San Diego State University. After graduation she started working professionally in Northern California as an actor and director for a theater company that eventually became San Jose Reperatory.

In 1984 she moved to Los Angeles and began working in the industry in development for an independent producer and as a talent coordinator.

In 1987, she started working on a brand new daytime show, The Bold and the Beautiful, and has been there ever since. She was nominated for Daytime Emmys in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015. She was voted best daytime Casting Director by Canadian TV guide in 2008.

Christy has also stepped outside her daytime world and through her production company, 2North Entertainment, produced her first feature film, Maybe Someday, which was nominated for best Feature Film at the Carmel International Film Festival.



This is a classroom setting. Christy supplies the sides and reads with each actor.

Week 1: Actors perform co-star (U/5) sides. They are split into groups, each group having the same set of sides. It give the students the opportunity to see how a group of actors can handle the same sides differently. She involves actors in the critiquing process. Then they get notes.

Week 2: Actors redo the U/5 sides. For the second exercise they perform day player role sides. Again they would be split into groups, each group having the same set of sides.


One of LA's Most Exclusive Commercial Casting Offices
Sat August 20, 10:00 AM
Cori is the only Casting Associate at Shane Casting and she is hands on for ALL casting through the office. Shane Casting is a high profile commercial casting office who remembers the actors they've met and trust.

In this 2 Day intensive, on-camera workshop, Cori will go over all your commercial marketing materials so you know what will make you stand out to Commercial CD's. She will hand out copy and go over making the best choices for the material and for making you memorable. In short, she will teach you how to book the room. She will also go over how to handle the callback, and more. All work on-camera, you will work multiple times.

Sat 10-2, Sun 10-2

Workshop|CD Assoc - Meredith Fordney: $40.00 | Platinum: $35.00 
Mon August 22, 7:30 PM
Meredith Fordney is the associate for Susan Bluestein and Jason Kennedy. Yep, they cast THE MOST POPULAR SHOW IN AMERICA, and all of it's spin-off shows. These are crime-drama procedure shows at their best.

Meredith also casts independent projects outside of Bluestein/Kennedy.

She's known for helping actors understand what is required for top crime dramas and how to make a great impression in her office.


Format: Meredith loves the classic style workshop and has a fabulous Q&A before handing out scenes. She is incredibly informative and loves to teach.

Casting MOW's all year round.
Mon August 29, 8:00 PM
Amy Reece (hands on for all casting) and her partner, veteran CD Penny Perry, cast huge MOW's (movie of the week)every month for producer Larry Levinson and The Hallmark Channel. They cast around 25+ roles each month and these TV movies all shoot in LA. Learn what is required for MOW's and what Penny/Perry Casting likes to see.

Between the two of them, they have credits of over 90 Film and almost 400 TV Movies.

Amy is a big fan and long time friend of ours. She is letting actors bring in their own scenes; her usual format is a cold read and pairing up actors.

As a former actress, she is passionate about the craft and loves to give great redirect. Loves realism.

Space is limited.

Format: bring a 2 minute prepared scene, we provide a reader and then you have 3 minutes to chat. If you need a scene you can access our library at http://www.castingnetworkla.com/sides.php Your time will be emailed to you by 5pm.

HOW TO BOOK CO-STARS: 4 WEEK INTENSIVE: $280.00 | Platinum: $260.00 
Thu September 8, 7:30 PM
How to Book Co-Stars: 4-WEEK Intensive (skipping Memorial Day)


Ask any casting director and they will say that Co-Star roles are the hardest to book. The role could be just about anyone, so who are they looking for? And because it's only a line or two, what can you do with it? There are so many choices you could make, often many actors make no choice at all.

Co-Stars require opinion and characterization, but they also require an understanding of your role within the story. How do you make strong choices, blend in, make them notice you, move the story along, and not make the scene about you, all simultaneously?


Jamison Haase and Jackie Geary have shot more than 25 co-stars between them and want to show you how to book these elusive yet crucial roles. Two weeks will be spent with Jamison, where he will open your eyes to the THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DRAMATIC CO-STAR, while working on several different sides. Learn how to make interesting and bold choices that serve the story, but stay out of the way of the story.

The other two weeks will be spent with Jackie, who will work with you on the THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF COMEDY CO-STAR, helping you to determine just how funny the writers need and want you to be in a given role. OF COURSE, EVERYTHING IS ON-CAMERA, AND YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO WILL WORK MULTIPLE TIMES EACH CLASS!

Jamison Haase has been teaching actors the tips and techniques required for hour-long television and dramatic features, since 2007. His simple practical on-camera and audition techniques build confidence and allow actors to be creative, in control, and powerful in the audition and on set.

Jamison has worked opposite Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jr., Billy Bob Thornton, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Cliff Curtis. He's been seen in many films and television shows, notably AMERICAN CRIME STORY, NCISLA, CASTLE, BONES, 24, MAD MEN, the feature films THE JUDGE, and the fourth installment of the TRANSFORMERS.

Jackie Geary is a familiar face on television, seen recently on HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, as well as WEEDS, SUBURGATORY, RIZZOLI & ISLES, BONES, CASTLE, THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and in the memorable "Fanilow" episode of WILL & GRACE. She is also known for her recurring role as quirky agent Susan Grady on NCIS. Recent features include a supporting role in Roland Emmerich's, WHITE HOUSE DOWN.

KILLIANS COMMERCIAL WORKSHOP- for KIDS!: $250.00 | Platinum: $230.00 
Agents Refer Their Youth Actors to this Great Class!
Sat September 10, 10:00 AM
Everyone knows Killian's Commercial Workshop is the hottest training for booking commercials in LA.

Our own Jaret Sacrey is a highly requested Foundations Teacher at Killians CW. He is also an award winning director of commercials starring kids, has booked over 50 national commercials himself and works in commercial casting for the best casting houses in LA.

Now he's teaching Killian's Commercial Kids Class, exclusively at The Casting Network!

When: 4 Week program, Saturdays, September 10 - October 1st, 10am-11:30am

Who: Young actors ages 8-12yo

Price: $250 for 4 weeks, and the last class we do an audition for the kids to be viewed by AHC Inc. Casting office. So it's more than a class, it's also a showcase !

Philosophy: Kids should be kids!! :)

Killian: "The class is structured and created based on our day to day castings for kids; giving them the tools to cope with the audition environment, i.e. slating, different types of copy, improv situations etc. However, MOST importantly, is that the kids have fun and develop a love for the audition process. When kids understand the process and LOVE the process, they automatically develop a confidence that shines through in their audition.

When the audition as seen as the win, bookings will follow naturally! As a Casting Director at one of the busiest offices in this city, I can tell you that when we are casting kids the majority of our time is spent undoing the damage done by the workshops who are trying to turn kids into 'polished professionals'. Again, KIDS SHOULD BE KIDS !!"


ON-CAMERA COMEDY INTENSIVE: $280.00 | Platinum: $260.00 
4 Weeks of Superb TV Comedy Training
Wed October 5, 7:30 PM
Jackie Geary breaks down how to be funny almost mathematically. Ninety percent of all funny stems from what we call opposites (or reversals); and while these are discussed in many comedy classes, Jackie's class is the only one that breaks down all the different KINDS of them -- how to spot those given to you by the writer, how to create them on your own, and how to create more of them than ANYONE else will. Cause even if the funniest read doesn't BOOK you the job, it's what will be remembered. And what will get you brought back in. That's the name of the game.

She'll also break down her 4 essential components for a comedic scene, and the 18 tools she uses to make any read complete. IMDb her -- even when you see a dramatic credit listed, she's been cast as the comedic relief. She knows how to book comedy. Let her show you how :)

Every student is guaranteed to WORK TWICE EVERY CLASS!

Jackie Geary is a familiar face on television, appearing on 'HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER,' 'WEEDS,' 'SUBURGATORY,' 'RIZZOLI & ISLES,' 'BONES,' 'CASTLE,' 'THE UNITED STATES OF TARA,' 'HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER,' and in the memorable "Fanilow" episode of 'WILL & GRACE.' She is also known for her recurring role as quirky agent Susan Grady on 'NCIS.' Recent features include a supporting role in Roland Emmerich's 'WHITE HOUSE DOWN.'

She credits her analytical Ivy League education (Bard), combined with her love of comedy, for the technique she teaches in her On-Camera Comedy intensive.